360º Business Assessment – Details and Getting Started

Our 360 Degree Business Assessment gives you a unique, detailed look at your business:

  • Financial analysis. We compile your company’s financial results and trends over the most recent 3 years and identify specific items of concern and improvement opportunities.
  • 40 question Business Practice survey allows all employees and managers to rate the company from 1-5 in areas such as Transparency & Education, Leadership Commitment, Rewards, Recognition, and more … all from a Great Game of Business/Open-Book perspective. Conducted anonymously via online survey.
  • Open-ended question survey, covering areas such as the organization’s key business issues, opportunities for improvement and more.  Conducted anonymously online.
  • Financial literacy assessment for management team members to determine their level of comfort and expertise with the business’ financials. Conducted online.
  • 2 hour debrief & review session. We review your assessment results and discuss potential areas for improvement, ideally with your entire management team.  Every client receives the entire assessment in PDF format as part of our standard service, which includes our written recommendations for improvements. This session is conducted in person for local clients and via speakerphone or Skype for non-local clients.

Our comprehensive assessment is offered at a price every business can afford, based on your number of employees:

$2,950, which includes up to the first 10 employees
+ $75 for each employee from the 11th and up

Example:  Let’s say you have 20 employees.
Your investment is $2,950 + (10 X $75) = $3,700.

Each company receives the entire assessment result package in PDF format, and optionally in hard copy.

After you receive our review and recommendations, you are free to use the information however you like. You may decide to accept some or all of our recommendations, doing the work yourself. Or you may choose to bring us in to install the Great Game of Business management system, or simply to help facilitate the improvements. If you decide to have us fully implement GGOB, 80% of your assessment cost will be applied to that engagement.

This assessment package is a tremendous value and gives you a unique, detailed look into your business … positioning you for growth and success.

To discuss in more detail or to get started, contact Bill Collier:

Bill Collier 314.221.8558  bill@collierbiz dot com

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