Great Game Forums

Peer Advisory Mastermind Groups in St. Louis Missouri

20121116_093523The Great Game Forum™ program gives business owners and key team members of privately-held and even non-profit organizations in and near the St. Louis metro area the opportunity to draw upon the expertise and experience of other members to help find solutions to their business problems. Each Forum is a confidential group of leaders from non-competing businesses that meets regularly to share and gain practical knowledge and advice on the challenges and opportunities unique to business leaders – acting as an informal, confidential board of advisors to their membership. (These are not sales lead groups.)

Why join a Great Game Forum™?

  • Great Game of Business: Our Forums are a part of The Great Game of Business. We share information and best practices related to GGOB and open book management. We’ll help you improve your organization’s performance by teaching your employees to think and act like owners.
  • A Group of Peers: Owning or running a business is a unique choice. Not everyone will understand your issues and challenges, but your fellow members do. Joining a group of your peers can provide a welcome source of encouragement, learning, and inspiration
  • Be Held Accountable for Success: Forum members hold each other accountable for setting goals and implementing plans.
  • Sounding Board: Try out your ideas out on your group, gain honest feedback, validate your strategies, build your business vision and avoid costly mistakes.
  • Team of Experts: Your fellow Great Game Forum™ members will have wide-ranging skills, from marketing and sales to finance and accounting to technology and operations. The group will become an invaluable advisory board for you and your company.
  • Learning & social events: We hold a variety of valuable events throughout the year, including business site tours, lunch-and-learn seminars, workshops, guest speakers, BBQs, holiday parties, and an annual strategic planning retreat.
  • Coaching and Consulting: Your Forum facilitator is a GGOB expert and coach who advises you, along with your fellow members, Optional one-on-one coaching sessions are available between monthly meetings.

How is the Great Game Forums™ program different from other CEO roundtables?

Most other peer advisory groups allow almost anyone to join, meaning that you may or may not share business philosophies with your fellow members.

Great Game Forum welcomes leaders from any organization who aspire to run their business in a way consistent with The Great Game of Business … employee education and involvement, shared risks and shared rewards, and open communication. So, when you have a discussion with a fellow GGF member, you are ensured of a commonality not found in other roundtable groups.

Who is eligible?
Great Game Forums™ are open to CEOs and other key managers of privately-held small to mid-sized businesses. We also have groups available for directors and key team members of non-profit organizations, and for solo professionals.

How does it work?

Great Game Forums™ are confidential boards of advisors assisting with business problems, solutions and opportunities. A trained and certified facilitator runs the meetings and ensures that members fully participate and receive a quality experience. Forums are comprised of five to ten CEOs or key managers from non-competing businesses, and are grouped according to company size and/or other criteria. Each Forum meets monthly for a half day. At these meetings, members bring in specific challenges for discussion, and members offer solutions. Members report on their successes and challenges, and are held accountable for progressing toward goals and for implementation of recommended solutions for the issues we’ve discussed.

Every meeting includes education and discussion on some aspect of The Great Game of Business. We routinely do a “deep dive” into GGOB, and help our members maximize their results using this management system. Guest experts are provided periodically at our meetings. Forums can add new members throughout the year.

Most of our members are based in and around the St. Louis metro area, and we try to rotate our meeting to each member’s facility. This gives all members the opportunity to see the other members’ operations and better know their businesses.

What is required of members?

Because active participation at meetings is critical to Forum success, members must make every effort to attend all monthly meetings.
You must hold all conversations about your fellow members and their businesses in strict confidence.
Don’t pressure your fellow members to buy your products and services. While you are free to do business with your fellow members, the buyer – not the seller – should initiate transactions between members. Any issues arising from member-to-member business transactions will become the subject of a group roundtable discussion.

What is the cost?

Dues vary with type of group (CEOs, key person, non-profit, etc.) and with optional one-on-one coaching. Contact Bill Collier for more information: Email or 314-221-8558.

How do I apply?

Use our “Contact Us” page or call Bill directly at 314-221-8558. We’ll determine which existing or new Forums have openings for new (and non-competing) members. We’ll extend an invitation to attend a meeting as a guest or to join, and will gather additional info from you.

New Forums are being formed now!