Business Coaching & Training


  • Great Game of Business implemention
    A 3-6 month consulting engagement. We strongly recommend this first step to “get in the game.” Then, use our other offerings to sharpen and improve the system, and to further educate and engage your team.
  • Peer-advisory Mastermind groups (Great Game Forums)
    Educational & peer-advisory roundtable groups which meet monthly to learn specific GGOB lessons and share best practices with fellow members.
  • Bonus & incentive plan design
  • Business Assessments
    GGOB, employee satisfaction, customer satisfaction, financial literacy and more
  • Strategic Planning
    Typically a 30-90 day fixed-fee engagement
  • Education & training including financial literacy training
    Seminars and workshops provide focused education on a range of subjects related to GGOB … financial literacy, bonus plan design and more. We can bring our classes to your company, and some are offered publicly/open-enrollment on a periodic basis.
  • Executive coaching and support
    Provided on a retainer, project or hourly basis.


The Great Game of Business was voted by the readers of Inc. Magazine
as the #1 Most Innovative Management Practice …




Here’s what Jim Collins, author of Good to Great, has to say about The Great Game of Business:

“A rare & wonderful contrast to the short-sighted, undisciplined thinking that has infected our modern business culture.”




We can help you create a culture of accountability, one where employees are the solution and not the problem. We can help you make sure the right people are working on the right numbers. We can provide your team with simple, common-sense education on business and financial literacy. We can help you create the right incentives to energize your team and reward them for hitting your financial targets.

In short, we can help you improve your financial results by engaging, mobilizing and “accountability-izing” your team.