Speaking & Training

Bill Collier is an accomplished, engaging speaker who mixes personal experience, food for thought and humor into every presentation.We can tailor a presentation, breakout session, speech, or keynote address for your specific needs. Typical audiences include companies, industry/trade associations, chambers of commerce, and non-profit organizations. Many of our speech topics can also be presented as training workshops, from 2 hours to a full-day in length.

Below are some sample topics.

The Practical Power of Open-Book Management
Do your employees go beyond simply performing their jobs? Are they truly engaged in the quest for your organization’s success? Find out about Open-Book Management (OBM) and how to use it to engage your workforce, create a Winning Culture, and improve your company’s performance.

High-Impact, Common-Sense™ Strategic Planning
Forget everything you know about business plans. Most are a waste of time and paper, and are abandoned before mid-year. We’ll look at a new way to approach annual strategic planning. At Great Game, we call it High Involvement Planning. We’ll learn to:

  • Cut through the clutter of data and information
  • Identify the business’ most important issues
  • Actually implement the plan and move the businesses forward

Excellence: Better than Yesterday & Better than the Competition
Use the dual concepts of “Challenge Everything” and “Know what’s important to your customers” to embed a culture of Continuous Improvement in your organization. Chock full of take-aways you can use right away to improve your organization.

Financial & Business Literacy
We have an entire suite of topics & workshops to educate your people about the workings of business, how it makes money and their role in helping the organization  succeed!


Bill has presented to hundreds of audiences and thousands of business professionals over 20+ years. Some of the groups Bill has educated and entertained include:

  • The Great Game of Business’ annual “Gathering of Games” conference, where he is consistently among the highest-rated speakers
  • Great Game Australia in 2011 & 2012
  • Remodelers National Conference
  • National Association of Electrical Distributors
  • Business Marketing Association
  • EO – Entrepreneurs Association
  • Medical Group Management Association
  • Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractors’ National Assn.

  • Numerous companies, regional & local chambers, and business associations


You were by far one of – if not – the best speaker that we had at the conference. Your passion shines through! – Carolyn

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